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New Medicare Options Available

Medicare plans designed with U.S. Military Veterans in mind. These Medicare Advantage plans include Dental, Vision, and other additional benefits. Works perfectly alongside TRICARE For Life coverage.

“Let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”

– Abraham Lincoln, American President

Enrollment in the described plans may only be possible during certain times of the year, unless the beneficiary is new to Medicare or has another qualifying special election period.

Our American Veterans have earned the very best. We’re honored to offer incredible Medicare plans which include the additional benefits you deserve. Our specially trained Veteran Advocates stand ready to help you unlock these values.



Protecting and caring for your teeth is important. The Medicare plans we offer include Dental coverage that works alongside your existing benefits.



Healthy eyes mean a world of color. Vision coverage is also included in the Medicare plans we offer.

Part B Premium Giveback

Pay $0 for the Medicare plans we offer, and enjoy an increase in your monthly Social Security check with an included Medicare Part B Premium giveback, available in certain states.

Designed with Veterans in Mind

Our offered Medicare plans maximize value to retirees and work perfectly alongside military benefits like TRICARE For Life and VA coverage.

We've helped over


Veterans gain additional benefits and expanded coverage through the Medicare plans we offer.

*based on internal data from 2021 - 2024

Amazing plans. Excellent service. See what retirees are saying about both.

I'm still really excited about this Medicare plan they introduced me to — everything is working just like they told me about. The Medicare premium ‘kick back’ showed up this month, I switched over my EOS gym membership, I made an OTC purchase of some items I use, signed up for fitness exercise rewards, and the dental plan is here just in time!

Wayne A., Utah

AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot No Rx UT-MA01 (HMO-POS)

Outstanding service to the retired military community. They offer detailed information on benefits, fully explain the processes, address any and all concerns, and complete the paperwork for you. We were initially skeptical of all the additional benefits offered — they seemed 'too good to be true' — but we were pleasantly surprised when we started using them. We will continue to recommend these services to all retired military members we encounter.

Rick & Kristine E., Utah

AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot No Rx UT-MA01 (HMO-POS)

I would like to share my gratitude for the professionalism my Veteran Advocate has so graciously shown my family, my wife, and me. We are grateful for the benefits of our Humana insurance policy. My Advocate has always been there to help us with any questions. He is a great asset to Veterans Healthcare.

Sarge B., Oklahoma

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-140-0.

This particular group specializes in understanding the relationship between Medicare Advantage plans and TRICARE For Life. I personally could not be any more pleased. In premium costs over the last three years, I have saved between me and the wife $1,420 — and received several thousand dollars in dental assistance and hundreds of dollars of over-the-counter products. This is one of the rare occasions what sounds 'too good to be true' is absolutely true.

Larry L., Utah

AARP Medicare Advantage Patriot No Rx UT-MA01 (HMO-POS)

I am a widow of a Vietnam Veteran. Since his death, I have dealt with several federal, civilian, and military personnel. Yesterday, I had the fortunate pleasure of speaking with a Veterans Healthcare Agent Advocate. From the onset I could hear his desire and ambition to aid retired military members. Patient, knowledgeable, respectful, and honorable are words that come to mind. He went above and beyond.

Susan C., North Carolina

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5525-065

These guys made everything fast and easy. Now I can go to the dentist and I have really good coverage there. A++! Very easy to recommend, and I've sent several people to them.

Randy P., Tennessee

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-235

My Veterans Healthcare Agent Advocate was with me every step of the way. It was very much stress-free, and very fast. Thank you so much!

Juan C., Georgia

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-286

Such a great experience! One of our friends sent us their information, and we decided to give them a try. Very happy that we did. We use the extra money we get every month to help pay for some things that our TRICARE For Life isn't covering today.

Deborah H., Tennessee

Humana USAA Honor (HMO) H4461-004

My Veteran Agent Advocate is the best person to provide and help Veterans with this new Humana system. She is there to help when needed, provide assistance, and support the Veteran with answers to the questions we ask her. I can call or text, and she is there. Her customer service is of the highest standard. Her support and knowledge surpass everything. Thank you for being there to support us.

Jerry A., Utah

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-315

I’m writing to commend my Veteran Agent Advocate for her OUTSTANDING service as my Humana USAA Honor plan agent. She is — without a doubt — the fastest responding, most reliable, and ever-pleasant agent I’ve encountered in any service industry in a long, LONG time. I always want her to be MY agent! She has a superior work ethic and undaunted motivation in providing the best possible service to me.

Frank L., Utah

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-315

I am a 100% VA disabled Afghanistan combat Vet on SSDI. Switching to Humana saves me $100 every month on my SSDI monthly stipend, and gives me access to a free gym membership to attend a local gymnasium. Since then, I have been using the gym membership religiously, and have lost 20 pounds and kept it off! I have been very impressed with my Veterans Agent Advocate and Humana, and am fortunate to be a part of the program.

Brian S., Utah

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-315

I never gave much thought to health care beyond my Original Medicare and TRICARE For Life. Then I ran into the wonderful folks at Veterans Healthcare! I never expected to get money back for anything, but a reduction in Medicare Part B was nice. With this additional coverage, I can drop the additional Dental and Vision plan that I was paying for, which will save me more money in the future. Overall, I am looking forward to experience all the plans features and benefits. A very pleasant surprise for folks on a fixed income — thumbs up!

Scott L., Tennessee

Humana USAA Honor (HMO) H4461-004

Everything presented about Humana USAA Honor has been awesome. I have used the Humana USAA Honor plan for an emergency room, primary care doctor, and a digestive health center visit with no issues. This is the best decision with TRICARE For Life being the secondary insurance. I know Humana USSA Honor is the right choice for myself. Outstanding overall — far superior to Original Medicare.

Adrian M., Louisiana

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-201

In addition to an unbelievable list of additional benefits, my Veteran Agent Advocate informed me that I also get a $50/monthly Visa card, which can be used for food, utility bills, etc. And it costs $0 to me. I am now receiving an additional $100 back in my Social Security check monthly, and I'm in the process of scheduling a dental cleaning. My Veteran Agent Advocate has set me up with a great program that I'm receiving numerous new benefits from, and I love it. This program sounds too good to be true, but I'm here to report it is true.

Keith R., Tennessee

Humana USAA Honor (HMO) H4461-004

I know what real customer service looks and more importantly acts like. It is epitomized in my Veteran Agent Advocate. She has walked me through the whole transition to the Humana program. What a difference it has made in my comfort level to have such a caring individual who knows her job. I made the right decision to transfer to Humana. I highly recommend this to my friends. I’m a very happy camper client!

Luanne P., Alabama

Humana USAA Honor (PPO) H5216-236

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